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Jessica Turral

Baltimore, Maryland

Founder of Hand in Hand Baltimore

Johns Hopkins University Graduate

Degree: Psychology

Each year thousands of youth under the age of 18, are charged as adults and consequently detained in adult detention centers. While detained with adults these youth are not being provided with the same age appropriate services, they would receive in a juvenile facility if charged as a juvenile. Hand in Hand Baltimore, Inc. was founded in September of 2009 by Jessica Turral, In an effort to provide these youth with age appropriate services and better outcomes upon their entrance back into their communities.

Hand in Hand provides youth with case management services continuously while they are detained and upon their release into the community. Additionally, we partner with youth to create and implement individual discharge and family plans. Each youth receives a mentor with whom they are in constant contact. In addition to aftercare providers, resources are focused on maintaining a positive new lifestyle.


In September of 2009, Ms. Turral started Hand in Hand Baltimore, which supports relationships between charged juveniles and mentors (comprising a diverse background of skills and careers) who are willing to provide mentoring, academic enrichment, and case management. Jessica clearly emphasizes that she and the volunteers are encouraging youth to empower themselves to move forward in life in a positive direction.

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Special thanks to St. Bernadine’s Catholic Church for continued support of our program and our young men.